Hey fellas, one of my chevrons found its way home, and I'm hoping the rest follow suit soon.
Big shoutout and thanks to all involved in the journey. 🚀

🫵 If you want to be a part of our mission cosider getting our 3DEFENCE chevron …

@drstaceybutters @HugsUkraine 💗 Oh, my heart - it just BURSTS with love for these brave helpers! I am beyond filled with pride.

@HugsUkraine You are the best examples of Canada! 🙌🏽

🙏🏽 May God bless you, & keep you safe, all the days of your lives. Thank you for all that you do for Ukraine! ❤️

Slava 🇺🇦!

Mind-blowing amount of protesters on Rustaveli. They are singing “the fairy tales has a happy end” - a pop song that first became de facto Georgian football song, now it’s frequently sung as a resistance to the Russian regime. #NoToRussianLaw #Georgia 🇬🇪🇪🇺

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