This week please support Chara #FiverFriday

Chara is a blind dog. She`s been rescued from a danger zone and now she has a chance for life with no limit.
Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of friends, favorable timing and the support of sponsors, our dog Chara, evacuated from Izyum and due to various circumstances, is now a favorite of “H.U.G.S.” and all the adults and children who know her. Now Chara has the opportunity to undergo diagnostics and treatment in Kyiv! ‘Chara has’ late stage cataracts and treatment is necessary for her future health and there is even hope of partially restoring her vision. This infinitely kind and devoted animal deserves such attention from us and we really hope for any support from everyone and will be grateful to surround her with warmth and care! All animals! Chara is our four-legged symbol of goodness and hope!🐾