The HUGS Garage

The HUGS garage in Kharkiv is a cornerstone of the operations we perform. HUGS employs highly skilled Ukrainian mechanics, as well as volunteer mechanics from around the world, to service vehicles that aid wartime humanitarian efforts. HUGS has operated on hundreds of vehicles since the beginning of the invasion and has enabled countless delivery missions to at-risk and vulnerable areas. These vehicles include medevac 4x4s, ambulances and delivery vehicles. HUGS also outfits the cars to survive tough conditions and provides camouflaging to make the vehicles less susceptible to attacks.

The garage is a fully outfitted with a vehicle lift, inspection pit and a full array of tools to perform any task requested. Aside from the repair parts needed, HUGS has provided all service and man-hours pro bono, understanding that the volunteers and medics who bring these vehicles to HUGS should strive to spend their donation funds on supplies needed for the Ukrainian population.


The HUGS garage also serves as home base for the entire team. Hundreds of volunteers have been through the garage since March 2022. Supplies are delivered to the garage, onboarded into the vehicles, the vehicles are sent on their missions and then return to the garage for any required mechanical work. The garage is busy anywhere between 6-7 days a week in order to meet the demands of volunteer efforts.